The End of Days Weekend Film Challenge is a indie filmmaking competition that takes place over the course of one weekend in Orlando, Florida. Registered teams will compete against one another to write, shoot, and edit a short apocalyptic film, from concept to completion, in one weekend. The 2020 Weekend film challenge will begin on a Friday and end on Sunday. Follow our Facebook page for more updates on the 2020 Challenge.

A FEW DETAILS: On Friday morning at 10am, each team will be emailed specific elements they must include in their film. These elements are: character name, specific action, a prop, a line of dialogue, and an apocalyptic theme. Teams will have the weekend to write, shoot and edit a 4 - 7 minute short film. The final movie must be uploaded before 11pm on Sunday night.

The 2019 Challenge has concluded! Follow us on Facebook for information on the 2020 Weekend Film Challenge!



woman with rifle gas mask


  • One Team leader registers his/her team. CLICK HERE to register.
  • On Friday at 10 am, the team leader will receive an email that details the Specific Elements that must be included in each film.
  • The team has the weeknd to write, shoot, edit, and deliver their best 4 - 7 minute Apocalyptic short film.
  • All films must be submitted via FTP to the EOD Staff by Sunday at 11:00 pm to be eligible for awards. 
  • Please read the Official EOD Rules for more details. CLICK HERE
  • Make sure you read About the Awards, Specific Elements, & Final Edit Requirements




CHARACTER NAME -The characters name must be spoken, written, or displayed in the move. Text or subtitles do not count.

SPECIFIC ACTION - The Specific Action is an action that any character must do, anytime during the film.

A SPECIFIC PROP - The prop doesn’t have to be used throughout the entire film, but must be shown at least once during the film.

SPECIFIC LINE OF DIALOGUE - The line must be spoken verbatim and can be spoken, written, or displayed in the movie. Text or subtitles do not count.

END OF DAYS THEME - Each film will receive one of four themes to write their movie around. The film can be any genre (Comedy, Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama, etc.).

1. Ghost / Supernatural

2. Alien / Extraterrestrial

3. Zombie / Virus

4. Cosmic / Asteroid

*All of these Specific Elements will be provided to you in an email at kickoff.



The End of Days Film Challenge does NOT require any Production Documents. We strongly suggest you sign contracts with your cast, crew, locations, etc. But we do not require that you turn any documents into us.



After the screening at the End of Days Film Festival, you are free to post your film online, re-edit your film, or submit to another film festival. The End of Days Film Challenge or End of Days Film Festival does not own any rights to your film.

CLICK HERE to view this years Awards


  1. The finished short film must have a runtime greater than 4 minutes, but less than 7 minutes — excluding credits.
  2. Credits at the end of each film are limited to a maximum of 60 seconds. The 60 seconds is NOT considered part of the length of the film.

Example: a film may be 7 minutes long, including up to 60 seconds of credits, for a total running time of 8 minutes.

  1. The finished film/video must be submitted in NTSC. Your film must be submitted in the following format: a self-contained, NTSC, Full HD (1920×1080p) 16:9 aspect ratio, Quicktime file (.mov) OR MPEG-4 file (.mp4)  in H.264 compression.
  2. Before the finished film begins, it should have:
    • Black Matte (2 seconds)
    • Title card with: the Films Title and Team Name (4 Seconds)
    • Black Matte (2 seconds)
    • Your Film

*The EOD banners, title cards, and black frames DO NOT COUNT towards your films final time limit.



1. Any file sharing program may be used to upload and share your film with the EOD staff.

2. A link to download your film must be emailed to eodfilmchallenge@gmail.com before the competition end date.

3. Include the following information in the email:

Email Subject: Team Name, Film Name

Email Body:

Team Name

Team Leader Name

Film Name

Link to Movie

Visit our OFFICIAL RULES page for more information