Just over a month to go and the slots are filling up for the 1st annual End of Days Film Challenge! The producers are excited about all the buzz and are looking forward to a great competition. If you haven’t signed up, get your team together and REGISTER TODAY! Then make sure you read over the OFFICIAL RULES and download the necessary PAPERWORK.

Be sure to LIKE us on FACEBOOK and spread the word to all your filmmaker friends! Starting September 1st, every team will get the necessary information they need to include in their film. Then, each team will have 30 days to write, shoot, and edit their apocalypse short film. You can choose any theme you want, including zombies, aliens, vampires, ghosts, viruses, asteroids, nuclear war, and even political or economic takeover. Just as long as the films theme revolves around society or the world ending. You can even make it a romance or comedy! Choose one or choose them all and show us your vision of the end!

In addition to a great competition, the producers will be taking the top 4 films and making them part of the End of Days anthology feature film! After each film is hand picked, additional footage will be shot to intertwine all the movies, making one epic feature film. The End of Days producers have been working with their sponsors Digi Distribution and Distribber to arrange and secure distribution for the movie. Each contributing filmmaker will be entitled to the revenue resulting from the sale and distribution of the feature film. The event is one of a kind, allowing contestants of all skill levels to participate with the hopes of being part of the creation of a feature film.

Don’t delay. Sign up today! The End of Days are coming soon!