There’s a new film challenge that creating buzz among the indie film community. The first annual End of Days Film Challenge will showcase films with an apocalyptic theme depicting the end of society or the world. Beginning September 1st, 2014, teams will have 30 days to write, shoot, edit, and score their apocalyptic film. Each movie can have its own unique storyline ranging from zombies, aliens, vampires, ghosts, viruses, asteroids, nuclear war, and even political or economic collapse. Anything goes, as long as the theme revolves around society or the world ending. And yes, the hero can save the day and prevent the world from ending, which is actually preferred.

“We wanted to create a film challenge that doesn’t add specific limitations on the films created, but rather a general idea or theme for filmmakers to run with,” says co-founder and local filmmaker Trent Duncan. The films are not limited by genre, allowing each team to choose an action, sci-fi, horror, drama, or even comedy film.

The EOD film challenge will provide specific elements for each filmmaker to include in their film so judges know that the film was produced during the 30-day challenge period. The End of Days Film Challenge is open to all U.S. residents in all 50 states. All the films will be judged by a panel of top notch filmmakers and actors. The staff at EOD will make an award ceremony video showcasing the winners. Awards will be mailed out as soon as the winners are announced.

For more information or to register your team, visit